Why do you need to protect your Income?

Absence from work due to illness or injury is one of the biggest risks you face. If you are unable to work, this could have a devastating impact on your household finances.

Each year 1 million people in the UK suddenly find themselves unable to work due to illness or injury.[i]

If this happened to you, could you and your loved ones survive financially? Most employers do not provide sick pay beyond a few months, and for self-employed people the implications are even greater.

If you couldn’t work how would you pay your mortgage, rent or bills? Would you have enough cash savings to cover your living expenses for more than a few months?

Income Protection can help you weather this storm. Find out more about our full financial protection services

How Income Protection works

Income Protection pays you a regular tax-free income if you can no longer do your job because of illness or injury. It provides you with that peace of mind that allows you to focus on your recovery during periods away from work.

I want you to imagine this – if in your household you had a machine that every month printed £1,000, for the sake of £20 a month would you insure it so it could be fixed?

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Jack Amery | Financial Advisor

[i] Association of British Insurers, Welfare Reform for the 21st Century, September 2014