Financial Advisors in Knottingley


Do you want to find a financial advisor that is local to you, fully independent and dedicated to supporting the local community? Would it give you further reassurance that they have 25 years of experience in the field?

Oakworth Financial Planning is a team of financial advisors working in Knottingley and the surrounding villages. So, whether you live in Knottingley, Ferrybridge, Brotherton, Byram, Beal or Kellington, Oakworth Financial Planning will be able to help.

Local Pension Advisors


Our team of financial advisors specialise in different areas and have a wide range of expertise. They can help you if you’ve spent your working career building up your pension plan, or you’re looking to start saving. Our local pension advisors can assist you and guide you through the process. Or, you may be considering life cover after starting a family or having bought a house. 

All of our financial advisors are qualified to advise on every aspect of investments, pensions, and life cover. So, if you need assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch. As well as this, if you find yourself needing accountancy or legal advice, Oakworth Financial Planning have strong links with many local professionals.

Financial Advisors in your Area of Knottingley


The majority of our financial advisors are local to Knottingley and live nearby, so as locals ourselves, we feel like we know the people and value the opportunity to help them. We want to give back to an area that has helped sustain our business for so many years, that’s why we sponsor local sports teams and volunteer projects in Knottingley.