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Retirement Planning and Pension Advice

Many of our clients have worked locally in the same job for most of their career – be that in manufacturing, education or the NHS. We appreciate that people in all industries deserve a great retirement, so our retirement planning is in place to help you ensure that this happens.

You may be at the time in your life when you are wondering whether you can stop work early, go part-time, or withdraw some money for a one-off purchase.

We are here to help you, by looking at the plans and policies you’ve collected over the years to establish where you are currently. Further to this, we take time to find out more about what you would like to do in retirement, and create a financial plan that helps you to achieve that.

At Oakworth, we consider ourselves to be specialists in retirement planning. Pension advice may seem confusing or daunting due to the sheer variety of options available, but there will be a path which is right for you. This could be taking out the tax free cash to pay off the mortgage, arranging your retirement income or maybe even a mixture of the two. There is so much to consider that it’s always worth a chat with our team. Initial ‘fact finding’ meetings are at our expense, so there is no obligation or charges until you specifically confirm to us that you wish to proceed. We love giving out pension advice, it is a service that brings joy to us as we are able to help people realise their opportunities, things that they have worked for years to achieve.

Financial planning for retirement involves the consideration of risk, tax, timescales and a multitude of other factors – all bespoke to you. Two retirement plans will never be the same. Discussing your goals in a relaxed atmosphere will allow us to discover what strategy would be right for you to create a long and enjoyable retirement.

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