Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit could be the right solution if you want the security of a regular income payable on death rather than a lump sum. Most employers provide a death in service benefit which would provide you with a lump sum, but your monthly income is never replaced. Once income is lost, it is very difficult to replace!

With Family Income Benefit you choose an annual benefit and a duration for the policy, known as the term. If you die during the term, your insurer will pay the income you choose to your loved ones for the remaining duration of the policy’s term completely tax free. This could replace lost income and pay for any continued monthly expenditure.

Let’s put this into context using an example;


  • Age – 45 years old
  • Term – 15 years (Up to 60th birthday)
  • £30,600 Income Benefit per year

(This is the equivalent of a £40,000 annual salary after tax, based on current tax rates)

£24.24 per month – the price of 2 coffees a week can protect your family!

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