What Is The Goodwin Ruling?

A teacher’s pension provides a set amount of income in retirement for the retired member depending on the salary and years of service of the member.

When the member dies, any surviving spouse or civil partner receives part of the retired members pension.

In 2020, the Teachers Pension scheme rules were found to discriminate against the male survivors of female members by the Goodwin Judgement.

What This Means For Teachers Pension Schemes?

The Goodwin Ruling means that any female members (retired or current) in same sex marriages will now benefit from the same survivor benefits as all other Teachers Pension Scheme members. The actual increases in benefits will be calculated individually.

Any survivors of female members already receiving their survivor’s pension will automatically have their pension benefits recalculated and increased to the appropriate amount. This will also be calculated individually.

Any recalculation can come in the form of a lump sum or an increase in monthly income, depending on individual circumstances.

This recalculation process started in April 2021, starting with the oldest cases first, and is expected to take 2 years to complete.

Anyone affected by these changes will be contacted by The Teachers Pension within 12 months from 20th October 2021.