What we do

What we do

We help clients to make complex decisions and to take their financial headaches away.

We’re not salesy; our office is relaxed and our processes are simple. We’ll start with you, your situation and circumstances, and give you options that are based on your needs and budget. 

We won’t pressure you into making a decision right away. You can go away, think about it in your own time, discuss things with family and come back to us with any questions.

We want you to feel comfortable with the options available to you and for you to feel as if you have all the relevant information to hand.


Retirement planning

Many of our clients have worked locally in the same job for most of their career – be that in manufacturing, education or the NHS.

They’re at the time in their life when they’re wondering whether they can stop work early, go part-time, or withdraw some money for a one-off purchase.

We help them by looking at the plans and policies they’ve collected over the years to establish where they are currently. We take time to find out more about what they’d like to do in retirement, and create a financial plan that helps them to achieve that.


Estate planning

Often people think that estate planning is for wealthy people who have large properties that they want to hand down to the next generation.

In fact, estate planning applies to anyone who wants to make it clear to their family what they’d like to happen after their death. It can also ensure your loved ones don’t end up paying too much inheritance tax once you’re gone.

We can look at the options for you and help your family get the most from your legacy.


Investment advice

As independent advisers we have access to products across the whole market, which means we can recommend an approach based on what’s right for you.

Firstly we find out what you’re looking to achieve with your money and chat about how much risk you’re prepared to take.

Then we design an investment strategy that suits your particular needs.

We then manage your portfolio in line with this strategy and report to you regularly on its progress.


Financial Protection

No one wants to think about death or illness, but having financial protection in place can be a valuable safety net for you or your family.

There are various forms of protection – from life cover, which pays out if you die, to critical illness cover, which pays out if you suffer an illness like a heart attack or a stroke, and income protection, which covers you for an accident or short-term illness.

We can create a tailored protection solution for you that gives you exactly what you need at a price you can afford.


NHS benefits

NHS benefit schemes are a specialist area, so it pays to speak to someone with technical experience.

We’ve helped a number of different clients to navigate their way through the complexities helping them to feel clear on which pension scheme applies to them, what they’re entitled to, and when they can access it.

We also help people by looking at their additional financial arrangements to make sure that they’re not adversely impacted, for example, by paying too much tax by exceeding their Annual Allowance.


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